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Best Hi Hat Stand in 2021

Your hi hat is one of the most used peices of your drum set, so why not get the best hi hat stand you can? Here are our top hi hat stand picks!

A question for all drummers: which drum do you think you use the most? Your kick? Probably not, unless perhaps you’re playing drum and bass music. Your toms? Not unless you’re performing hour-long drum solos nightly. Your snare? Nope, guess again. 

The drum you hit most often isn’t even a drum, it’s a cymbal; Your hi hat cymbal to be exact.  

Yes, night in and night out, session after session, you depend on your hi hat far more often than any other part of your drum kit. As such, you’ll not only need an excellent pair of hi hat cymbals, but also a solid hi hat stand as well. After all, you wouldn’t trust the cymbals you use most to a sub-standard stand, would you?

Hi hat stands control the feel, sound, and action of your hi hats. From reggae to rock, your hi hats are an expression of the type and style of music you play. Tight and controlled to wide open and flat out, you’ll need a quality hi hat stand to get the most out of your hi hat cymbals.

But which is the best hi hat stand in 2021? Should you purchase a 2 leg hi hat stand, or 3 leg? What’s the best lightweight hi hat stand? Should you buy a used hi hat stand, or new? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list so you can make the most informed, budget-conscious decision possible!

DW Drum Workshop CP5500TD

  • Best Hi Hat Stand Overall
best hi hat stand

DW has long been the benchmark for incredibly well-made drums and drum hardware and the CP5500TD is no exception. It's the most expensive hi hat stand on our list, but when you consider DW’s track record for quality, durability, and performance, it is well worth the investment. Whether you are a touring musician playing sold-out stages every night or session drummer spending your days in the studio, the DWCP5500TD is hands down the best hi hat stand available today. 

  • Double-braced, two-leg rotating base ensures a solid foundation for no-slip performances and a small footprint for even the smallest of stages or rehearsal rooms.
  • Chain driven, the DWCP5500TD features lateral simple seat adjustment and integrated memory locks.
  • Interlocking memory locks with built-in spurs and techlock tension adjustment provide incredible ease of use and durability.
  • Comes with DW’s exclusive folding pedal plate making set up and tear down of this hi hat stand a cinch.

Premium 2 Leg Hi-Hat Stand by Griffin

  • Best Hi Hat Stand Under $100
griffin hi hat stand

Perhaps not as well-known as some of the other brands on our list, Griffin drum hardware is an excellent choice for a drummer looking for a quality hi hat stand at a fraction of the cost of the name brand manufacturers. Perhaps the best hi hat stand under $100, Griffin’s premium two leg hi hat stand is replete with a lot of the features you can find on more expensive hi hat stands.

  • Not enough room on stage? This hi hat stand converts from two leg style to a no leg style providing you with ultimate flexibility in setting up your hi hat cymbals.
  • With 360° rotating legs, this hi hat stand can fit literally anywhere in your drum kit. Left, right, front, or back, there’s no way this little guy won’t bend!
  • Are you meek with your feet or are you a lead foot? This hi hat stand comes with a spring tension adjustment knob to adjust the tension of the footplate to fit any drumming style.
  • Sporting heavy duty hardware and additional upgraded features like double chain pull action, anti-slip rubber feet, toe stop, heavy duty grip, and memory locks, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better hi hat stand for under $100.

Gibraltar 5707

gibraltar hi hat stand

Perhaps best known for their legendary drum racks and hardware, Gibraltar also makes excellent hi hat stands. Quite possibly the best Gibraltar hi hat stand has to offer is their 5707 hi hat stand. Rest assured, given Gibraltar’s pedigree as a leader amongst drum hardware manufacturers, you’re getting a well-designed and well-built hi hat stand.

  • Double brace tripod stand with cast height assembly and Gibraltar’s proprietary round rubber feet. Once you set it up, there’s no way this hi hat stand is going anywhere!
  • Three-tier cymbal stands and cast hinge height adjustments provide incredible flexibility in setting up this hi hat stand.
  • Two-point hideaway boom for additional flexibility and ease of transportation.
  • Small footprint making it ideal for smaller kits or limited space.

Tama Speed Cobra 315

tama speed cobra hi hat

Renowned for their iron cobra bass pedals, Tama is no slouch when it comes to hi hat stands. Based off of the more expensive 915 series, the Tama Speed Cobra 315 comes with a lot of features you can find on its big brother for half the price! Hundreds of professional Tama drummers can’t be wrong, try the Tama Speed Cobra 315 for yourself and be amazed. 

  • Two leg design is perfect for double bass players and drummers without a lot of space. Excellent for small stages or tiny drum risers.
  • Swivel footboard rotates into position to make for easy set up and tear down.
  • Six position tensioner provides for a uniquely custom playing experience. Set up your pedal loose and fast or hard and tight, this hi hat stand can do it all.
  • Non-loosening rod sits safely inside the upper tube during transit. No more bent or warped rods!

Yamaha HS-740A

yamaha hi hat

When it comes to drum hardware, no drum manufacturer is perhaps better well-known or more respected than Yamaha. For decades, drummers have relied on Yamaha for their reliability, durability, and versatility. With manufacturing standards and practices developed in concert with their motorcycle production line, there is perhaps no more high-performance or better engineered drum hardware than Yamaha’s, and the HS-740A hi hat stand is no exception. 

  • Heavyweight, double-braced legs provide a solid foundation for this hi hat stand.
  • Chain link and chain driven, the action on this hi hat stand is smooth and responsive.
  • With 11 different tension settings available, this hi hat stand is sure to appeal to any style of drumming or any musical genre.
  • If the Yamaha name isn’t enough for you, this hi hat stand also comes with a five-year warranty.

Pearl H930

pearl hi hat

If it’s good enough for Bon Jovi, it’s probably good enough for you! Pearl drums and hardware have graced stages and studios for decades. Borrowing the same type of components as Pearl’s flagship H-2000 hi hat stand, the H930 is an excellent hi hat stand without the hefty price tag. A stalwart amongst other hi hat stand reviews, this Pearl hi hat stand is well-reviewed and an excellent option for you to consider. 

  • Chain drive provides smooth and responsive hi hat playability.
  • Demon style long footboard, trident design tripod, and swivel function allows for extreme flexibility in setting up this Pearl hi hat stand.
  • Spring tension dial allows for easy set up and tensioning.
  • Pearl stands behind their products and this hi hat stand is no exception as it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Pacific Drums by DW 800

dw hi hat stand

The yin to DW’s yang, Pacific Drums are the economy version of the higher priced DW drum and drum hardware line. Don’t let the low cost for you however, as the Pacific Drums by DW 800 series hi hat stand comes with a lot of the same features found in its higher-priced cousin. This isn’t any ordinary cheap hi hat stand. Get the DW name without the DW price!

  • Double-braced legs, contoured wing screws, oversized rubber feet, and industry grade tubing make this a hi hat stand a stand to be reckoned with.
  • While this hi hat stand comes standard in chrome, the DW 800 also comes in various eye-catching “colorware” styles.
  • Chain driven, this is a very responsive hi hat stand.
  • Small yet sturdy, this is a perfect hi hat stand if you have limited space for your drum kit.

Ludwig Atlas Standard Hi-hat Stand

ludwig hi hat stand

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of best hi hat stands for 2021 is the Ludwig Atlas standard hi hat stand. Long known for their great sounding drum kits (Ringo played them!), this Ludwig hi hat is a perfectly balanced medium/heavy weighted stand well-equipped for daily gigging or studio environments. Competitively priced, own a small piece of rock and roll lore with this high quality hi hat stand from Ludwig.

  • Newly designed “speedster” foot board makes maintaining contact with the pedal a breeze.
  • Keystone wingnuts for easy adjustability, double-braced legs, and threaded spike spurs ensure this hi hat stand is both easy to set up and study enough to take your most vicious hi hat attacks!
  • Full adjustable spring tension for maximum pedal feel.
  • Wire base for compact folding and insulated tube joint clamps means this hi hat stand is both easy to transport and well protected against the rigors of the road.

Conclusion - Best Hi Hat Stand

As you can clearly see, with all of the various options and brands available, there has never been a better time to purchase a hi hat stand. There’s really no need to comb through the musical instrument classifieds searching for a used hi hat stand when there are plenty of low-cost options available for a brand new hi hat stand! You’re sure to be pleased with any of these wonderful hi hat stands on our list so compare features, read reviews, check each out online and pick the best one for you.

Once you do select your shiny, new hi hat stand, as we discussed out the outset, make sure to pick the very best hi hat cymbals your budget will allow. There may be no greater contribution to the overall quality of your sound as a drummer than your choice of hi hats. They really make that big a difference! 

Additionally, you’ll want to take care of those hi hats, so check out this very informative article on how to clean your hi hat cymbals. With a little bit of research, and a little bit of elbow grease, you now have everything you’ll need to pick the very best hi hat stand for you and ensure it works perfectly for you for years to come! Happy choosing!